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I see 2017 has snagged a gallopin’ horse and is getting ready to head off into the sunset. I don’t mind telling you, this is getting scary. Like a carousel hurrying to keep up with the music, I go round and round and keep
running into myself. Does anybody out there identify with this? I thought so…

The year hasn’t been without a challenge or two. I figured I had my herd all rounded up when a couple busted out on their own and ya’ know, the only solution to this is to cowboy up. (for you city slickers “cowboy up” means dusting off yer chaps and gittin’ back in the saddle after that bronc called Bucksnort makes ye’ a yard dart.)

I tried to retire awhile back to spend more time training my horses and competing in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. This went well for awhile- until March 2014, Tombstone, AZ. During a competition my horse went left and I went right. Right then I knew for a fact that that old saying “Always ride in the direction yer horse is going in” had more than a little merit.

With some help of some good hardware, awesome care and prayers the broken neck and sundry other fractures are healing. While this was a rude awakening I’m more than grateful for all the care and prayin’ y’all did for me.

I’m back in the saddle but my wife, Pam, threatened to kill me for sure this time if I tried any more of the risky business called mounted shooting_

I hope y’all enjoy this here little retrospective of some of my favorite works over my long career. And if you’re a`mind, keep tabs on the growing collection of works featuring Charles Goodnight. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to work on this commission. A tip of the hat and a big thank you, Jim Parkman.

Pam and I wish to thank all the collectors and patrons who supported me through the decades run on the national art show circuit. We continue to be blessed with the lifetime friends we made along the way.

Happy Trails Folks, Lee