Giving Counsel

The date is July 1867, the place, Loving-Goodnight Trail, South of Fort Sumner, N.M.  Oliver Loving is becoming impatient to ride ahead to Santa Fe for the upcoming  contract bidding for  cattle.  Goodnight tries to dissuade Loving from going knowing hostile Indians were in the area.  They finally agree that One-Armed Wilson will ride with him under the cloak of night.  Eager to  reach their destination, riding by day, Loving and Wilson were attacked by Comanches.  Loving sustained a shot to his wrist and side.  Loving was found and transported to Fort Sumner, where he died of gangrene a short time later.  Before he died, Loving asked Goodnight to take his body back to Weatherford Texas.  Goodnight promised he would honor his wish.


Lee’s Notes for pencil drawing

My original concept did not include the covered wagon.  Loving and Goodnight would be silhouetted against a cloudy night sky.  I was concerned they would get lost.  With Goodnight holding  a lantern, they would be more visible against the illuminated wagon.  I removed the sitting cowboy to allow the viewer to have more access to Loving and Goodnight.  I turned One-Armed Wilson  {cowboy with horse on right} with his back to the viewer to help pull the viewer into the scene.